Vacation Protection Package for motorhome and caravan tenants

Money back guarantee

by Rent-insurance certificate.

Bail Insurance

The insurance covers the agreed in the lease deposit sum up to max. 1500, – € for damages that occur during the rental time.

Option I: bail 1000 – € / deductible 250, – €

Option II: Deposit sum 1500, – € / deductible 200, – €

Cancellation Insurance

The insurance covers the policyholder from the landlord contractually owed for not appearing for the trip cancellation costs for the following reasons: Death, serious accident, unexpected serious illness of the insured person, their partners and their families, a vaccination, pregnancy of the insured; significant damage to the property of the insured person due to fire, intentional criminal act of a third party, force majeure and unforeseeable unemployment. The deductible is 20% but not less than 75, – €.

Rental-Breakup Insurance

When canceling the trip, for the reasons mentioned above, the additional costs for traveling back are insured.

Contents insurance

The insurance covers the personal luggage, household accessories, loose, not permanently installed parts up to a sum of 8,000.00 EUR in total. For radio, TV, photo – and film / video camera, the maximum compensation limit is of 2,500.00 EUR. In addition, insurance protection applies to computers, mobile telephones, radio, fax and telephone equipment, bicycles and other sports equipment up to a maximum compensation limit of 3,000.00 EUR.

Loss of rent insurance

The insurance covers liability claims by the landlord against the tenant for loss of rent by the insured person, caused damage up to a maximum amount of 10.000,00 euros, if it is not possible to rent to the next person. Personal liability is in no case liable for the leased properties.

Vacation Protection Package Prices

Option I  1000,- € / 250,- €Option II  1500,- € / 200,- €
Price up to 100,- Euro/day8,90 Euro/day10,90 Euro/day
Price up to 150,- Euro/day10,90 Euro/day13,90 Euro/day
Price up to 200,- Euro/day12,90 Euro/day16,90 Euro/day

For a stay longer than 21 days you get a discount of 10%.

You can save the flyer here as pdf

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